Ryan Collins

Sound Designer for Games


Ryan Collins

Sound Designer for Games

Demo Reel

This is a short Demo Reel highlighting my contributions and efforts within video game sound design. Much of my contributions from the past year cannot be shared publicly and are not included in this video. Upon request, I will gladly share additional demo material privately.


"Everything" Demo Reel

This is a brief showcase of some of my contributions to the Sound Design of "Everything" on the PS4 and PC, Developed by David O'Reilly. In a game with several hundred "things" - each with it's own individual voice, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work on this project.


"Synth" Demo

This demo's developer provided me only with a build, a brief backstory, and a single unprocessed  file containing all dialog. Less than a month later - 20 hours of logged work, I had delivered 69 unique assets ready for implementation.

I was very excited to take on this challenge because (as you will see) there is almost no visual content - meaning that I was responsible for creating the image in the player's mind using only audio.

Please Note: For the purposes of sharing this content in my portfolio, the audio was manually sequenced to the video above. Development of the project is still in progress.


"Burly Men At Sea" - Sample Submission

I manually placed my own audio in this video as a sample submission when applying to assist in development of Burly Men at Sea.

I do not claim credit for any of the audio in the title's final release - this is merely sample submission that I created and have retained for my own portfolio purposes.


"Iron Finger" Re-Design

The developer of this title was searching for a Sound Designer to replace all of the sound effects in their released mobile app. I submitted this video in my application for the job. 

Please Note that I am not credited for having worked on this title or for its developer.