Shortly after receiving a Recording Arts and Audio Engineering Certification from MediaTech Institute (Houston, TX - Sunrise Studios) in 2008, I moved to Austin, TX and began my career in Game Development.

My journey led me through over 8 years of Quality Assurance work at 4 different AAA development studios, and over 4 years of Sound Design - both in-house and freelance. Throughout that time, I helped to ship over 25 titles and have gained a wealth of knowledge about both Game Audio and about the game development process as a whole.


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Game Sound Design

While I specialize in the use of Wwise, I've also worked with FMOD as well as integrated support within Unity, Unreal Engine 4, and other proprietary game and scripting engines. I have countless hours of hands-on experience using my preferred DAW - Reapoer, in addition to a formal training in ProTools and some experience with Logic, Sound Forge, and Ableton.


Recording Arts

Throughout my education and continued practice, I've constantly been advancing my skills in recording, mixing, and mastering audio as well as ADR and Sound Design. I've recorded several types of content including Dialog and Voice-over, Foley SFX, real-world ambiance, and countless musical instruments. I own all the equipment needed to capture high quality audio, and continue to expand my inventory.




I began working as a Sound Designer for games in 2014 after having worked in Quality Assurance since 2008. Throughout my time working in the games industry, I've helped to ship over 25 titles - each with unique processes and pipelines. These experiences have provided me with competent understanding of not only Sound Design, but also quality control, scripting, effective communication, interdepartmental pipelines, and several other crucial parts of the Game Development process as a whole.


Above all, the most valuable tool gained throughout my experience is an unwavering commitment to creating only the highest quality results in everything I do.


Outside of work, my sound-related interests, hobbies, and endeavors continually advance my understanding of the skills and finesse required to generate unique and high-quality experiences through audio.


Sound is interminably the central aspect around which absolutely everything in my life revolves.