I began working as a Sound Designer for games in 2014 after having worked in Quality Assurance since 2008. Throughout my time working in the games industry, I've helped to ship over 20 AAA titles with 4 different studios - each with unique processes and pipelines. These experiences have provided me with a wealth of knowledge about not only Sound Design, but also quality control, scripting, effective communication, interdepartmental pipelines, and so many other facets of the Game Development process as a whole.


Above all, the most valuable tool gained throughout my experience is an unwavering commitment to creating only the highest quality results in everything I do.


Outside of work, my sound-related interests, hobbies, and endeavors have been monumental in advancing the skills, knowledge, and familiarity required to generate high-quality content both efficiently and consistently.


Sound is interminably the central aspect around which absolutely everything in my life revolves.